Whats New?


Posted on 25/01/2018

Dear Shareholders,


The Board of Directors will be discussing next week the upcoming changes concerning our company's processes.

Until the changes take place, all transfers are halted, no buying or selling of Company Shares and no EPS transfers are allowed.

Please be patient. In second half of February 2018 everything will be back to normal.

EPS crediting in October

Posted on 15/10/2017

Attention all Shareholders,


We inform you that the monthly Earnings per Share in October 2017 is credited to everyone after the Share conversion completes.

This is estimated at the end of the month. From november the EPS will be credited to you as normal.

Please be patient, there is a lot of work to do.



Important changes!

Posted on 15/09/2017

Dear Shareholders,

Our company's leaders made some harsh decisions which had to be done because of the events in the last 1-2 years. Since our bussiness model introduced, many new Shareholders choose this way of investing their money. However, some people just wanted to use the backdoors and opportunities of this model. Registered and bought shares, then selled them and done this repeatedly, over and over. You have to understand that we need higher stability to maintain the bussiness model. We can not sell the land tiles if someone needs the capital immediately because the other Shareholders will lose money and this we can't let happen. To reduce the fluctuation caused by these people, the following changes will be done.

1. From today, the value of the Company Share will be $1000. All Company Shares of the Shareholders will be converted into the new ones. For every 5 old shares everyone will get one new share. The converting will take some time.This must be done to get rid of the so called "soldiers of fortune" or "adventurers". The $200 price of the Company Share was introduced in the beginning to let everyone use this bussiness model, no matter how rich or poor. The time has come to get to a new level. The $1000 amount is still payable by almost everyone but with this you can show your commitment.If your current quantity of shares is not divisible by 5, the new shares' quantity will be the round number and the rest will be credited to your E-Wallet balance. For example if you own 17 Company Shares worth $200 (total of $3400), you will get 3 new Company Shares worth $1000 and $400 will be credited to your E-Wallet.

2. The cash-out limit will be raised also to $1000. We had to take this step because of one simple reason, the high banking fees. For a $100 transfer the bank fees were $15-$20 and that can't be financed any more. 

3. Every Shareholder MUST keep the last Company Share owned. This means that the last Company Share can not be selled. This step had to be taken to counter the high fluctuation of the Shareholders. The administration will be much more simple this way. We need every Shareholder committed to our company. If your goal is to come and go every 2-3 months then please keep away from us. The bussiness model behind the investment needs stabile investors.

4. To motivate the Shareholders to invest more, the monthly Earnings per Share will be rised in 4 steps. If you invest a minimum of $50.000, you will receive 1,5x the normal EpS. Above $200.000 you will get 2x. The next step will be $500.000 and 2,5x EpS. If you invest more than $1.000.000 then your EpS will be 3x the normal value. And to motivate the referrals too, this also applies to the direct referral EpS.


The converting will be finished at the end of October. Until then the cash withdrawals will be suspended. From the 1st of November everything will be back to normal.This is a huge project and the process must be done without a fault.
Hope you will be satisfied with the new conditions. We made them for the good of the correct and stable Shareholders.

Thank You.

Monthly Earnings per Share

Posted on 13/06/2017

Due to the great increase in the numbers of Shareholders the administration takes more time than before. So the monthly Earnings per Share will be processed until the 10th day of each month.

Thank you.


Posted on 27/11/2014

Our site will be down on 11/27 for a scheduled maintenance. The servers will be online again on 11/28. Thank you for your patience.